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  • S.F  Recording Artist, Sweden
    I’ve been going to Cognitive therapy, been meditating for years but this is something else. Dealing with anxiety is not easy and I have always personally felt that the hard part is to know how to handle it when it comes. Amy basically taught me very easy and effortless methods that I’m now using daily and IT WORKS. After 2-3 sessions, I felt a lot better in general and more at ease.  I truly recommend anyone dealing with anxiety, depression, trauma or overall stress to go and see Amy. She is the real deal!
    S.F Recording Artist, Sweden
  •  Mrs. L.B   Real Estate Investor and Marketing Consultant
    There is NO WAY words caotn encapsulate the LIFE-CHANGING work that Amy helps facilitate, nor the brilliance of her spirit as an individual!  She was recommended by a very trusted doctor as a “must-see.”  She is a trauma specialist, SO highly educated in the trauma and healing fields.  She Is SUPER gentle and kind, in such a naturally relaxed state, and she makes you feel so safe and gives the unconditional maternal acceptance/love we all wish we’d gotten, which is vital to this work actually working.  She also walks her own talk, which is a biggie for me. I am profoundly changed from this work, in so many ways.  Above all, I am not just feeling but embodying empowerment– honoring my needs, standing up for myself, being kinder to myself, releasing negative emotions/conditioning.Perhaps the biggest gain is that, for the most part, I haven’t slipped into big health setbacks, even when a physical or emotional stimulus happened that would’ve pushed me into crisis in the past. And I’m more at peace with not having the health I’d like in this moment at least, rather than being in resistance energy.  On the psycho/emotional side, at its core, the work has been about empowering me–connecting me back with my true power and self-compassion, which we’re all born with but often gets beat out of us through conditioning, trauma, etc. A big part of that has been feeling safe to express and let go of the anger that got stuck in my system. For the first time, my self-damaging, self-limiting patterns, fear and the like are dropping away on their own, without my conscious work to change them. These are patterns and qualities that I tried to fix through many other ways, for many years, including years of therapy, so it’s quite remarkable.
    Mrs. L.B   Real Estate Investor and Marketing Consultant