Hi, I'm Amy,

I help talented creative people, like you, to be free from stress, anxiety, and depression; to reconnect you with your own unique gifts and talent so that you can change the world because you feel that good.

How do I do that? By combining the latest cutting edge neuroscience and wacky modalities (that science now supports).

Making it easy for you to rewire your brain and heal your nervous system because life is supposed to be full of vitality and joy.

I've done this for over 20 years, for 1000's of clients and I'd love to help you too.


How To Destress in 7 Simple Steps

Dr. Peter Levine is the founder of Somatic Experiencing and my main mentor. In the video below he explains what happens when we get overwhelmed. He talks about why our work is effective in helping overcome reactivity to stressful situations and even gives a helpful tool.

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